Air Force PT Test Calculator

Being in the military you know preparation means everything! Using the Air Force PT Test Calculator below you can determine what your score will be before your Air Force fitness test.  Have you ever taken a test where you know exactly what you’ll score before you go in?  I didn’t think so.

The total score on your PT test is based on four segments:  body composition, push-ups, sit-ups, and 1.5 mile run. Do yourself a favor and test yourself before you get to the real fitness test. By doing so you won’t have any anxiety about the consequences of failing.

New Air Force PT Test Calculator App

New Air Force PT Test Calculator App


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You may still use the calculator below if you like but it doesn’t have the updates that were just released with the “Exemptions.”

While the entire test is scored out of 100 possible points, each segment of the PT test has its own score.  The run is scored out of 60 points, your body composition out of 20 and the push-ups and sit-ups each out of 10.  By maximizing your score in each section, you’ll be sure to achieve excellence or a score of at least 90 out of 100 every time you take the test.

Each segment of the test has a minimum level, and the overall test requires at least 75 points to pass.  It is possible to pass the test overall while failing a single segment.

By using the Air Force PT Calculator above you can focus your training on your weak areas, while continuing to improve your strongest areas to maintain excellence.